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Naturelab - Lavons Le Linge Sharebon Oshare Laundry Detergent French Macaron 500Ml

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Brand from Japan: NatureLab


100 cleansing component derived from plants

For knit, denim, one piece, shirt, underwear, uniform suits washable type , etc

Fragrance of fruity floral system French macaron scented slightly vanilla

Hand Wash After gently pushing wash, rinse twice, lightly drain within 1 minute

How to use Dirt and spots on the collar and the cuff are cleaned if you keep the stock solution and hold it with a towel or the like

It is recommended to put on sleeves and lengths long, easily entangled, easy to stretch on the net

It prevents hairballs, elongation, wrinkles, sharpness and fading, and keeps important clothes cleanly

Organic extract formulation

Remove it immediately after washing and hang it.

Room drying OK, antibacterial It does not have any effect on all bacteria

Softener / Oxygen bleach can also be used as usual

Wash gently by preventing washing damage, wearing a fashionable laundry detergent

Wash the water temperature below 30

Washing Machine Use hand wash / soft / dry compatible / trendy course, etc