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Bel-Art Products 37122-0005, Giant Polygon Spinbar Stirring Bars

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Bel-Art Products, 37122-0005, Giant Polygon Spinbar 5 x 5/8 Stirring Bars The built-in pivot ring ensures minimal contact area between the moving and stationary surface, virtually eliminating friction and minimizing turbulent bar motion.


Compatible with Scienceware Cool Stir Large Volume Stirrer, with capacity to stir liquid volumes up to 190 L 50 gallons

Multifaceted surface assures powerful torque transfer compared to similar size smooth cylindrical stirring bars

Per each Ideal for mixing large volumes barrels, drums and tanks Key Features Features center molded pivot ring Offers reduced friction and chattering Teflon PTFE coated ALNICO V encapsulated magnet Size 127 x16 mm 5 x 5/8 quot

Plastic containers are also less prone to having their surfaces scratched or marked by the bar